LIVE ... Canal 8090 Retro Hits Radio

[h5]Canal 80|90 Radio | New Wave, Rock, Pop, Euro 80s![/h5] ¡Musicaliza Tus Recuerdos! Discover once again the awesome 80s with a curated hand crafted selection of hard to find, popular and favorite hit music from the best MTV & VH-1 days. Listen to Canal 8090 Music Station and enjoy a mix of Rock, New Wave, Synth Pop, Power Ballads, EuroDance Pop, Extended... [hr] [h5]Categories[/h5][size 16]Rock, 80s, 90s[/size][h5]Social Media[/h5][link][img][/img][/link][link][img][/img][/link][link][img][/img][/link][link][img][/img][/link]

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